Migrate is here to save you money on your energy bills, every single year, and it won’t cost you anything. Join today and get £10 when you switch

Did you know that most suppliers put you on a 12-month fixed tariff contract, and on expiry move you onto a much higher rate? The average household, as a result, is overpaying by around £300 per year, and it could even be as much as £700-800 for larger households. Migrate’s automatic switching technology means you never need to worry about that again.

What happens on signup?

You stay in control by letting us have control

Once you sign up with Migrate, you’ll give us your details, agree to let us manage your energy supply on your behalf, and we do the rest. Each year our technology will find you the best new energy deal, and we will manage the switch for you. We have all your details safely stored away so you don’t need to do anything. We will give you a 14-day cooling off period after the switch happens, in case you change your mind; we don’t want to do anything you’re not happy with.

Benefits of the Migrate Service?

Keep saving on your bills forever

Never worry about price comparisons or having to scan the market for deals ever again

On average we’ll save you over £300 every year by switching providers. You won’t notice anything but cheaper energy bills

No more having to stay on top of SVTs, exit fees or knowing when you should switch. We monitor everything and take care of it all


✅ Cheaper Energy (we all need this!)
✅ £10 for free when switching (yay)
✅ Hassle free service