Switchcraft automatic energy switching website that could save you hundreds of pounds every year

The free service will scour the market to find you a great deal that could save you up to £518 a year on your gas and electricity bills.

Switchcraft saves you money by scouring the market for the cheapest deals that work for you and then automatically swapping you on to the tariff when your current one is up.

The idea behind the service is to encourage the 16million Brits who are overpaying for their energy after rolling on to a standard variable tariff when their deal comes to an end.

Energy suppliers are required to alert you at least 42 days ahead of when your fixed deal is going to expire but often customers are put off switching over fears that it’s too complicated.

But this has led to millions of loyal customers being hit with bigger bills than those who shop around.

So how does it work?

Customers sign up to the service and hand over their details. It will then email you to let you know what better deals it has found that will save you cash.

If you’re keen to go through with it, Switchcraft will pass on your details to the new supplier and automatically take over from the old one.

You’re in control too, which means that you don’t have to switch if you don’t like the deal.

The free service was set up by Andrew Long in 2017 and so far claims that it has helped thousands of customers save money.

The firm makes its money from commissions paid by the energy suppliers that they switch their users to but claims it presents the deals in price order and “never favour[s] one over the other.

Not every energy suppliers have signed up to the service so it’s still worth checking rivals for an even cheaper deal.

But it does scan through deals from almost 60 suppliers including British Gas, Octopus Energy, Sainsbury’s Energy and Utility Point.

Customers can expect to switch deals around once a year when their previous deal is up, so it won’t swap providers when you’re mid-way through your tariff.

This is to avoid being hit by early exit fees which could see you forking out more than you would end up saving.

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